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1970 Sleeper Sportsroof

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1970 Mustang CJ Sportsroof 0T02Q127790

1 of 29 produced as equipped per Deluxe Marti Report

  1. Original build sheet
  2. Rotisserie restoration
  3. Q-code 428 Cobra Jet engine
  4. C6 Select-Shift automatic transmission
  5. 3.00 non locking rear axle
  6. Power steering
  7. Power disc brakes
  8. Bright Gold Metallic color code K
  9. Black vinyl standard interior
  10. Select-Aire air conditioning
  11. AM/FM stereo radio
  12. Front and rear spoilers
  13. Rear window louvres
  14. Chrome 5-spoke Magnum 500 wheels
  15. Goodyear Polyglas raised White letter tires

Everyone loves a sleeper. This 1970 Mustang may look like a standard SportsRoof, but the Q in the VIN indicates that it is factory equipped with the 428 Cobra Jet engine. Rotisserie restored in its original Bright Gold Metallic color, this fastback is one of only 29 non-Mach 1 1970 Mustangs with the Cobra Jet big-block; Other factory options include Select-Shift automatic transmission and 3.00:1 rear-end gears, along with additional extra-cost equipment including Select-Aire air conditioning, AM/FM radio with stereo door speakers, power steering and power front disc brakes. Owner added equipment includes a front chin spoiler, rear pedestal-mount spoiler, rear-window sport slats and chrome Magnum 500 wheels with F60x15 Goodyear raised white-letter Polyglas tires. The 428 Cobra Jet utilized low-riser 427 heads, a 390 GT camshaft, a 735 CFM Holley 4-barrel and free-flow exhaust manifolds to produce 335 HP and 440 lb-ft of torque. The engine is dressed with finned aluminum valve covers and the factory emissions system is intact. The drivetrain consists of Fordís rugged C6 automatic and 9-inch rear end with 31-spline axles, all engineered to take the Cobra Jet's brute torque and horsepower. The Q-code version did not include functional Ram Air, so this non Mach Sportsroof came with a standard flat hood, providing a stealthy appearance.The interior is black standard Corinthian vinyl with high-back front bucket and non foldown rear seats. The factory build sheet is intact and accompanies the car, along with a framed deluxe Marti Report and a custom show board describing the car and its features.